There was an intriguing note in the boat’s log stating that, at one point, she had been the base for a touring theatre company, and the words ‘Day-Star’ written in the margin with a question mark.

I e-mailed Day Star Theatre in the hope that they might be able to provide more information, and Pete Marshall e-mailed straight back, very kindly providing the following information:

Yes I can fill in the details from the dark and distant past. Basically before Day-Star Theatre set off as full time performers in 1981 we did some pilot shows in the late ’70’s with a bigger cast of performers, more for the fun of it than anything else. From 1977 Jane and I lived on the Day-Star on the Thames in Surrey. One of the other performers was Paul Pepperell, who lived on the Eileen at the same mooring as we did at Abbey Chase, below the weir at Chertsey Lock.

When we started performing we named our company after our boat and took a show, using both boats, to the 1980 IWA National Waterways Festival at Lea Bridge on the River Lee. The play, about life on the Thames, was actually performed on the top of the two boats breasted up.

The following year – 1981 – the IWA National Festival and Waterside Arts Festival took place on the Aire & Calder Navigation at Leeds, and although we were unable to make the journey on the Day-Star, Paul took the Eileen and she became Day-Star Theatre’s base for the festival…

For rest of the story we’ve uncovered so far please click HERE.

Does anyone have any further information about our wonderful old boat?
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