For me, one of the (many) simple pleasures of our weekend away (freed from the responsibility, and broken nights!, of the kids) was lighting the fire in the cottage. I’m a sucker for a good fire!

It’s a shame that living in London makes it so difficult to enjoy a fire. Despite our flat having stunning fire places, a combination of clean air legislation, health and safety regulations and a frankly nervous Co-op landlord, means that it’ll probably be a long while yet before I’m allowed to ‘risk’ a ‘real’ fire in any of them.

Still, undaunted, last night I hunted out and dusted down my Kelly Kettle, the wonderful ‘volcano’ type solid fuel kettle that’s brilliant fun to use camping out on the boat in summer; when everyone loves hunting down some dry kindling for the ‘fire box’ underneath the kettle, and then watching the drama of the smoke and flames licking up the central ‘chimney’ – wonderful stuff!

If you’ve never come across one before, Google or YouTube more information… they make a great present for any budding ‘pyrotechnic outwardbound-er’ in your life!


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