Since yesterdays post I’ve been having a quick recce around the web at other ‘volcano’ kettles, or ‘rocket’ stoves, and I come across a fascinating world of subsistence engineering and low tech wonders… plus some pretty flash models for the gilt-edged and cash-rich outward bounder too… here’s a few images I found…

(above) the ‘Kelly’ or ‘Ghillie’ kettle in action…

(above) the ‘Peacham Volcano’…

(above) a ‘swiss army’ volcano…

(above) ‘Sirram’ kettles….

From ‘volcanos’ to ‘rockets’….

(above) a ‘rocket’ in action


(above) the ‘rocket’ effect, in principle…

Aren’t they gorgeous?!?


3 thoughts on “Kelly Kettle II

    1. Hi Thanks for the kind words, actually the blog is a WordPress ‘premium’ theme with a little customisation that I did, but basically it’s off-the-peg. There’s a link to the theme at the bottom of the home page.

      Best wishes & Happy New Year



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