Brightwork describes the painted surface decoration on boats.  The two previous posts were:

1. Eileen’s Roses

2. Why ‘Roses & Castle’? Or perhaps more accurately  Why ‘Flowers & Landscapes’?

3. Flower Designs

I think one of the best ways to get under the skin of a subject is to actually do it. So, to help me understand how the flower painting aspect of ‘Flowers & Landscapes’ evolved, I’m searching out my enamel paints and brushes and I’m going to photograph my warts and all attempt to create a fully painted object, from start to finish.

I’ve not decided yet what object to paint, though I’m very tempted to start bold, with say a water can:

(above) A couple of stunning water cans painted by the late Ike Argent at Shardlow Museum

Given that I’ve not bought a can yet, I thought I’d share a couple of  sketches showing my take on designs for ‘rose’ and ‘daisies’.

As you can see I’m much more attracted to amateur painter’s highly stylised and simplified designs…

than the more confident, complex and fluid flowers often created by professional painters…


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