On a wet Wednesday evening, before watching Timothy Spall’s Back at Sea on BBC4, I spent another half hour adding further first coat blocks of colour to the Can.

The diagonal blocks around the lower band of the can are marked with a pencil guideline. I know I should have done the whole thing freehand but felt more confident using an off-cut of card to make a simple template…
The ‘Bright Red’ and ‘Off-white’ diagonals are painted in. The middle band also gets its first coat of ‘Bright Red’.
The ‘Dark Green’ diagonals are painted in, and the detail of the handle fitting is also picked out in the same ‘Dark Green’.


I’m sure that someone more proficient than me would think I’m going about things in a very long-winded way, that I’m taking this painting thing too slowly, but for me that’s part of the joy of all things boat-related, that it is a slow, relaxing activity.

For me boat-related activity, and proximity to water, provides a contrast to an often manic daily life, it give me a bit of a breathing space. And with the Can, I’m enjoying thinking through the design, and developing it as I go,  in response to each colour as it’s added.


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