On Sunday, in a break between the Bank Holiday storms, we took the family down to the 2012 Canal Cavalcade centred on Browning’s Pool or the Pool of Little Venice (so named by the poet Robert Browning who lived overlooking the canal).

A profusion of flags characterise the Cavalcade… part village fete, part waterways rally, and this year – part Jubilee Celebration.
Highly decorated working boats, and more modern craft, line two sides of the Pool. A haven for ‘gongozzlers’!
Modern meets vintage technology. The glorious juxtapostion of mobile phone and steam traction unit aboard ‘President’.
Excellent examples of traditional brightwork – a separate post on this aspects to follow later..
A three year old’s take on the Cavalcade… Fin having fun in a penguin hat…
Flags and bunting galore!
Molly and friend, and Joe in funny hats…
Beware pirates!
The sun setting on Browning’s Pool.
The last of daylight…
The route towards Bulls Bridge etc. and the rest of the system…
The calm after the storm. And boats preparing for the evening parade of illuminated boats…
Despite the bitter cold, a good turn-out for the illuminated boats…
An illuminated boat passes the ‘narrows’ outside the old Toll House.
The Pool crowded with brightly lit boats…

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