With Claire and Molly off selecting flowers with the bride, for a wedding next weekend, the boys and I took advantage of a day of Spring-like weather to return to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. Our last trip here, just a few weeks ago, was dramatically cut by poor Joe throwing up!

Unfortunately, given that we hoped to pick up where we left off and have a day riding trains, we were to be disappointed. It was one of those open, but not really open days, with no steaming locos, few sheds open, no miniature railways, not much to do at all really – except explore the yards – which we immediately set about doing. We enjoyed our picnic too, and found ourselves an old Metropolitan Line train, which delighted the boys…

Here’s a few photos from our day.

Fin enjoying the picnic lunch outside the former Oxford Rewley Road Station transplanted wholesale to the site and which now houses the Visitor Centre…
A ‘Sentinel’, sunshine, no steam, but at least the site to ourselves and open for exploring…
The boys just loved this ‘decapitated’ tube train…
Joe collecting ballast and twigs – as little boys do.
Another ‘Sentinel’ – there’s something about the brutal lines of this three-coach set that really appeals to me; historic yet dauntingly utilitarian and vaguely futuristic too…
The boys sitting next to an elderly example of Metropolitan Line stock… they love their tube trains.
Striking a bit of a pose, and armed with their selected twigs!
A huge South African Railways loco dwarfs the boys, who smile next to one of it’s huge driving wheels… Joe’s having a go at turning the wheel!

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