Prompted by my walk along the canal in Islington yesterday lunchtime, I searched out the following photos, from that time 20+ years ago, when I lived afloat on the Regent’s Canal…

1920’s Thames Slipper Launch ‘Lily Jane’ my first boat, and first home afloat… moored close to the Danbury Street road bridge on the off-side of the canal.
‘Captain’ and craft!
Inside ‘Lily Jane’ it was a microscosm of a home, but oddly wonderful too… I loved my ‘mahogany coffin’.
My ‘fleet’ with my second boat ‘Arun’ alongside ‘Lily Jane’.
‘Arun’ replaced ‘Lily Jane’, again moored on the off-side, close to the Danbury Street road bridge…

Memories… memories…


3 thoughts on “A Short Trip Down Memory Lane 2.

  1. Fascinating – and don’t you look youthful! 🙂 I think of Angel moorings by Danbury street as my ‘home’. We used to moor there every winter for years and both my daughters were born on our boat there! Thanks for sharing these pics, I have strong memories of that place. By the way – check out the climbing rose planted near the tunnel on the towpath side – in memory of my first born’s birthday! 🙂


    1. Hi Peggy,

      It was wonderful to read of your connection to the Danbury Street mooring, it’s a marvellous little slice of secret London… Thanks for sharing your associations with the place with me – I’ll certainly seek out the climbing rose next time I walk that way!




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