In this last post prompted by a short walk down the wooded cutting from Islington Tunnel to City Road Lock, I want to focus on artwork. One secret, and the other very apparent.

This 3″ square design can be found on the Southern portal of the tunnel. It’s an accidental artwork, the result of another image being removed. The painting on glass, which was once attached to the wall here, was one of a number in the ‘Kings Cross’ series’ that marked my voyage of discovery across the City, from the Thames to Hampstead Heath, from Highgate to the Southbank. The simple black & white paintings became semi-collectable and many were levered off their fixings, sometimes the painting remained behind, sealed in the impact adhesive, a ‘shadow’ of it’s former self, other times the paintings came away cleanly, as here on the Islington Tunnel, leaving only a trace of the glue behind.
And this one – I hasten to add nothing to do with me – can be found on the upper lock gate beam at City Road… whilst few of us would support the need for graffiti defacing the beam, a suspect few of us would argue with the sentiment…

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