We’d planned to escape to ‘Eileen‘ for the day today, but the forecast, and then the reality in London first thing – drenching rain and gun-metal skies – made us think again. With young kids you have to be realistic, a wet day, a wet boat, the likelihood of the kids being cooped up inside wouldn’t have made for the relaxing day we’d envisaged… so going to the boat was postponed, until Tuesday.

Instead we headed up the M1 to the Crick Boat Show.

A fine Diamond Jubilee Weekend display of flags on nb. Aldwick
A colourful array of new-build boats for sale. If you’re after a new-build then Crick’s the place for you…
Fin & I galloping around the steam-powered carousel…
C&RT had a wonderful stand. Loads of interactive things to engage the kids; Mol got involved in creating an artwork for their Memory Wall, whilst Joe and Fin got down-and-dirty in the sand pit recreating the building of a canal, and me and Claire looked at the amazing mini-beasts from newts to course fish on show… Education, engagement and ecology – they pitched it well. An excellent start!
How can one person paint so much tinware, and to such a high quality??? It’s taking me 6 months to half paint just one can!?!
Since it’s split with Braunston the Crick Show’s pretty much lost its links with working boats – it’s a shame, I miss them – still nb. Swift was there in all her glory, and looking magnificent…
As was nb. Aldgate, moored alongside, and in fine fettle. A highly appropriate celebration of red, white & blue…
A gorgeous old van lovingly restored, despite Crick not being a ‘vintage’ rally, it was lovely to come across the occasional beauty such as this…
Swing-boats? We can do this!
As veterans of the helter-skelter, the carousel, the cup-&-saucer roundabout and the swing boats, the boys are still – just about – standing. They, and Mol, and Claire & me had a grand day out!

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