Just as the weathermen had predicted, an Atlantic low with associated rain front drifted in, and not even a Diamond Jubilee could prevent it. Low grey cloud, torrential rain and then lingering mizzle/drizzle dampened and flattened out the day.

The Jubilee Lunch on the Triangle Green below our flat was cancelled, just not enough marquee to go around; we delayed heading out to the Jubilee Family Event in Hyde Park until after lunch, and still got soaked; but not before we’d viewed the queues and decided that two hours standing in a queue in the rain really was too great a price to pay for either the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine Experience’ or the ‘Disney Extravaganza’.

Leaving the Hyde Park event early I was hopeful that I’d be able to see something of the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant. Joe and I headed off in high hopes, from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road then down to Embankment.

We really shouldn’t have bothered.

Being forced left out of Embankment Station and marshalled away from the river towards Charing Cross and the Strand didn’t help, we never saw even a glimpse of the Thames, never mind the boats. All we did see was a vast army of good natured people, resolutely carrying furled Union Jacks, and all looking for some way to get within viewing distance of the river.

Me and Joe headed home and watched the rest of the event on the TV, as can be seen below…

Joe & Fin have been full of the Diamond Jubilee for days, after learning about it at nursery… This is one of their energetic Union Jack flags…
The Hyde Park event (for those not in the know that’s ‘Rosie’ from ‘Everything’s Rosie’ who’s terrorising the boys…).
Joe and Fin sit on the feet of a giant red rabbit in the middle of an half-empty showground… Weird!
Joe finds an illustration on one of the tube tunnels of Canaletto’s view of a previous pageant… It advertises a ‘Royal River’ exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Joe was fascinated by the detail found in the picture…
More from Canaletto’s depiction of a Lord Mayor’s Pageant…
The 2012 Royal Barge….
Ah, and dear old President, last seen at Little Venice during the Cavalcade, and now in full (glorious) steam saluting the Queen… magic!
‘The biggest photo of the royal family – ever…’, gushed a BBC presenter… and they weren’t exaggerating, this image really is HUGE – at least 6-7 storeys high!
The unpowered, or man-powered, section of boats about to pass under Tower Bridge, echoing Canaletto and looking stirring, and stunning, a poetic moment…
Thank you BBC for finally giving us a grandstand view of a wonderful event…
The Avenue of Sail and the armada of small rowing boats…
The bridge raised in full, a right royal salute…
Hypnotic Thames.

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