No boats today, just lots of puddles, rain, mud and twigs, for Joe and me at least…

I’ve been having a look at the National Trust sponsored site ’50 Things to Do before You’re 11¾’ which is a website that encourages parents to get children out and about into the Great Outdoors, regardless of the weather, regardless of where they live.

It’s a practical site based on the National Trust’s more controversial Natural Childhood research paper which explores issues surrounding modern childhood and specifically a perceived disconnection with the natural world. It’s an issue that has been dubbed, in an over-dramatic and unnecessarily medicalised way, nature deficit disorder (a term coined by Richard Louv in his seminal 2005 book Last Child in the Woods – Summary of Last Child in the Woods.

Now you might wonder what all the above has got to do with boats – or me and Joe and twigs and puddles for that matter – well, quite a lot actually.

Having felt trapped in the flat all morning (simply because it’d been raining, heck it’d been raining pretty much none stop since late yesterday afternoon) I could see both that I was at the end of my tether and particularly Joe was getting pretty stir-crazy too. Now Mol was off elsewhere and Fin feeling grotty stayed in with his mum, so it was Joe and me who headed out with a simple task to do, namely to collect a bag full of twigs to feed the Kelly Kettle which we’re planning to take up to the boat with us tomorrow.

We had a fantastic afternoon! We got grubby and muddy, and the experience thoroughly cheered us up!

I’m not sure I’d be in favour of labelling it anything more than a simple shared afternoon outdoors but it certainly worked for us…

Having parked the car at Kenwood we headed down into the woods, Joe’s with his scooter and plastic bag, and a very determined look on his face…
In go the first dry-ish twigs. To be honest, dry twigs were as rare as hens teeth today after last nights heavy rain!
Me and Joe and a bit of Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture on the lawn adjacent to Kenwood House. What’s it got to do with a boaty blog – well, see below!
Since our last visit the rain had created a mini-moat around the sculpture, or a ’round-and-round-canal’ as Joe named it… And, he proceeded to do just that, go round and around!

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