We’re still in the market for a barrow boat or pram dinghy to act as a tender to our Eileen. And, as mentioned previously, we’re also after a 2 or 3 HP electric outboard too… Our ideal boat would be small enough to be ferried about by car (approx. 6ft x 3ft) and be carried by one person (hence the attraction of the barrow or pram systems with their additional or integrated wheel or wheels).

We reckon that as the kids grow they’ll love the independence a small light boat’d offer,  for fishing with net, exploring the waters where our ‘big boat’ won’t go, searching for ‘mini-beast’ etc. etc.

Here’s a few more images of perhaps the kind of things we might be after…

Sorry about the awful quality of this image but it’s a photograph of a photo on an information board at Crick Show. The simple boxy shape of this utilitarian aluminium punt with that small outboard, is just the kind of thing we’d like…
This GRP boat by Heyland is very small indeed, yet perfectly formed…
Another shot of the Heyland ‘Tadpole’ Pond Boat…
Ah, now we’re entering the stuff of dreams. To achieve pram boat with a sail, you’re looking at something close to £1500.00-£2000.00, but boy, an evening on the Fen rivers for example in a little boat like this  would be idyllic… don’t you think?

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