For me, waking to sunshine often prompts thoughts of lazy watery days on the boat. Shame it’s a working day then, and a succession of meetings stretch ahead across the day, effectively blocking out the sunshine… Still, glass half full, let’s at least begin the day with a few sunny images…

This sketch isn’t actually of our inland waterways at all but a Victorian illustration capturing the Erie Canal in New York.
Dappled, summer sunshine… Anyone know anything about this tug, photographed on the Shroppie in 2011???
At least one of the joys of this drenched month has been a sense of utter novelty, relief and delight when the sun actually does shine, and the utter lushness of the towpath is momentarily revealed. Here’s our Eileen this month, seemingly steering herself down the Cut!
Oh, and before we get carried away with thoughts of sunshine-filled summer days, here’s a recent painting by Joe, “It’s a picture of a Summer day daddy!”

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