An atmospheric shot of the UCCC base at Braunston Bottom Lock in the early 1970’s
From what I’ve been told already by Judy Vedmore a tantalising picture of Eileen’s existence 40 years ago is beginning to form. In the early 1970’s Eileen was based at Braunston and owned by Mick and Judy Vedmore who earned their living as CANALWARE SUPPLIES trading from Eileen. I believe they also worked  m/b Bainton & b/b Axe for Union Canal Carriers . The Vedmores travelled widely on Eileen and from 1971, two of their children were brought up on her, one having been born aboard. UCCC have confirmed that Eileen was a sub-contractor on their books in the 1970’s as a camping boat.

All this information was swirling around my head as we walked up as far at the bottom lock of the Braunston Flight, last Saturday afternoon during the Braunston Historic Boat Rally.
Taken on the same day and looking the opposite direction…
40 years on and the area is still a hive of waterway activity…

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