In the last of my Braunston posts I’m returning to my current interest in all thing Water Can-ish. With so many historic boats gathered Braunston was inevitably a fertile hunting ground for new Cans to photograph. Below I’ve included a selection… now where are my brushes, where’s my Can?

The variation of flower designs and castle panels create cans packed with detail on Owl. (I’m personally not a fan of the brass finish and the lowest band though…)
On Florence it was the orderly, perhaps slightly more nieve style that caught my eye, particularly on the larger Can…
Exuberant brush strokes animate the roses on there Royal Blue cans, have the middle bands been re-painted at a later date I wonder?
Confident, professional flowers… again was the tricky sans serif lettering of Badger added later?
Plump roses, excellent castles, but there’s that mass of brass again…
To my mind, this is close to a perfect Can! Time has muted and slightly yellowed the colours and the Can has a pleasing and balance overall design with no one element dominating… grand!
A gorgeous patena, the chips and rough edges only add to the character of this simple floral Can.
And now for something completely different…in term of the purposefulness of the boat though, Malus’ Cans work well.
An interesting contrast in lettering styles with Cans for both motor and butty on display…
Stunning vintage examples, again effective use of a range of different flower designs are used to good effect…
Chipped and flaking paint attest to a hard life for this Can, in many ways I think it adds something to the character of the overall Can…
Perhaps in need of a little TLC?

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