A sistership is the name I give to boats that, for some reason, resonate with what we’re trying to achieve with Project Eileen. Now, I don’t know a great deal about the Linnet (seen at the Braunston rally) but she feels to me, to be one of those sisterships.

I was instantly drawn to what I felt to be a kinship through circumstance, ie. the fact that the owners seemed to be boating with a young family too.

Boating with young children is tough; it demands commitment, energy and eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head attention at all times.

From external appearances it seems that the Linnet is a well-love project of a boat, in much the same way as our Eileen is. It was great to see what seemed to be another family enjoying an old boat to the full, whilst continuing their renovation project.

Molly was convinced she’d spotted a rabbit in the cat box on the slide next to the back cabin chimney. (She DID! And it’s called Paddy.)
Linnet was towing ‘Humphrey’ a pontoon-style boat made by Rick Parfitt of gasometer steel some 20+ years ago.  I’m not sure what the owners use it for, but it struck me as one very effective solution to teeenage demands for a space of their own as they grow up! A simple steel shed on small a dumb barge towed behind the motor  – an ideal escape….
Another view of their ‘butty’. I was attracted to the deck space too, it’s something that Eileen has little of, in my minds eye I could see table and chairs out there!

A bit of an internet trawl shows, at least I think it shows, that Linnet is part of the Longford Canal Services fleet, which also includes the motor Ariel, and currently they also lease day boat BCN 108 ‘Joe’. It’s a small world, that’s another of our Eileen’s sisterships, and was included in posts HERE and HERE.


5 thoughts on “A possible ‘sistership’ – the Linnet…

  1. Hi Eileen’s family 🙂

    Linnet is my family’s boat. She’s an old big ricky boat, and has been in our family for nearly 40 years. She’s not part of Longford Canal Services, and Ariel, is a separate but parallel business owned by my partner. My, ergo Linnet’s, company is Linnet Shipping.

    The young family you saw were friends of ours just visiting; the first child on Linnet since I was a small one!

    Humphrey was built to house my mum and dad when Linnet had her stern rebuilt 20 years ago, might I link you to Linnet’s blog for details on Humphrey (under “a decade without docking) http://squeaky-toy.blogspot.co.uk/

    Linnet’s outside appearance is tatty as we’ve only just got the hull back up to standard; since Braunston she’s now rapidly approached the gloss stage of painting.

    Our current project, as it were, is our latest gang member, Mercia (aka Butty) another BCN boat. She too is on the blog; but as you can probably see, that get’s only sporadically updated!

    If you’d like to know more on our little fleet, you can email me at: narrowboats@linnet-shipping.co.uk

    All the best,



  2. Hi Kerry

    Thanks so much for clearing up my various crossed wires and inaccuracies in the post above! What I failed to say in the post was that my family thought the ‘Linnet’ was a stunner! I can’t wait to see a picture of her ‘all glossed up…’.

    I was hoping to get Eileen painted above the gunnels this summer, but I’ve yet to get a couple of fine days in a row to even make a start on it.

    Thanks for the links too, I’ll keep an eye out for posts… in the meantime, I hope you enjoy what remains of this seemingly ever-soggy Summer,



    ps. and yep, Molly (aged 9) is now all for having a boat-rabbit on ‘our Eileen’ too!


  3. No worries Nick, just thought it’d be worth a mention of the various members of the fleet.
    If Molly searches “Paddy the Boating Bunny” on the internet (Paddy Dainty on Facebook), she’ll come up with his various communication methods; he does enjoy public ovation!


    1. Hi Dan,

      Sorry for my slow reply, we’re away in Derbyshire at the moment and the internet signal is variable at best!

      I hope you’re well and that the renovation of 1645 is going as planned.

      I’ve been following your blog with interest, good luck with it all. I’m looking forward to seeing her develop.

      best wishes



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