An appropriate ‘does what it says on the tin’ type cover for the Woodland Trust handbook…

Our family subscription to the Woodland Trust, purchased incidentally whilst we were at the Stoke Bruerne Gala Weekend a few weeks ago, fell through the door this weekend.

Their key aims are to:

enable the creation of more native woodlands and places rich for trees…
protect native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future…
inspire everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees…

One of the ‘perks’ of membership is having a tree dedicated at a local woodland. Not a plaque or anything quite so pompous as that, simply the knowledge, as you walk around that particular wood, that all the saplings have been sponsored by Trust Membership – it is something our own Canal & River Trust could emulate I wonder?

Despite living in Central London the local woodlands and open spaces that form Hampstead Heath are an important part of our family life. They form part of a necessary re-balancing process (a little like owning our Eileen really) that helps our city kids children value the natural world around them, and slowly gain an understanding of it and (hopefully) a respect for it.

When we’re not out and about doing watery things, the chances are you’ll find us be-wellied, knee deep in muddy puddles, and armed with an array of important sticks stomping around a wood somewhere.

These snaps were taken this last weekend on the Golders Hill section of Hampstead Heath…

Dappled sunshine, green woods, and the kids racing around noisily, happily, freely… sometime the Hipstamatic app (on my i-phone) just seems to capture the blurry, fleeting nature of such a simple moment, so very well…
Despite millions of people using the Heath, it’s remarkable, as it somehow retains an air of ‘magic’ and mystery – it’s a wonderful place to have on our doorstep.
A moment of calm, of reflection, I love these sane moments…
And… sometimes the Hipstamatic app does weird things – this is Joe, caught in a beam of light and looking for all the world as if he’s about to be transported away by aliens, or has just landed, a benign visitor from another world!?! (NB. there’s that stick again…)

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