Last week, on Friday night, I headed for the first time solo, up to Clattercote Wharf and the boat. It’d been a couple of week since I’d last visited, and I don’t like leaving it too long, particularly this rainy Summer.

Claire had kindly said it was fine to stay over and have a leisurely morning pottering a-boat on the saturday morning. So that’s just what I did!

A pint Friday evening at Ye Olde Reine Deer Inn, Banbury, then The Red Lion, Cropredy (shocking to realise I’ve been visiting The Red Lion for getting on for 20 years!). I slept deeply and woke at 6.30am to the unfamiliar sensation of being able to turn over and fall readily back to sleep.

It was a bright sunny morning though and it soon tempted me out of the cross-bed to a leisurely breakfast on the back deck. Strong coffee and proximity to water, a good way to begin any day. I took photo’s. I tried to make sense of Eileen’s Heath Robinson-esque control mechanism and generally I took the opportunity to relax. A moment’s precious peace in a busy life,

Morning on our Eileen, all felt well in this small corner of the world
Looking up – yes, that really is a glimpse of blue sky!
The back cabin, I enjoy the patina of age, the general wear-and-tear, the dog-eared-ness of the space. It’s a reassuring snug. A place where I’m comfortable, safe and at home.
The view up the morning towards Clattercote Wharf, from the front facing porthole, in the ‘Long Cabin’

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