With the prospect of getting up to our Eileen again this coming weekend, and with the weather forecast in mind, does anyone have any advice for a successful wet barbecue!?!

Looking through my archive of photos last night I came across the following short series, taken I think in August 2006, coming down the Braunston Flight in torrential rain. English summers – some things never change eh?

Kevin taking advantage of a break in the storm to grab a well-earned cuppa, as we descend the Braunston Flight
Mmm, and then the rain came down again, in torrents!
We’re slightly out of sequence, this was when we were heading UP the Braunston Flight, it was raining then too!
My previous boat Onward moored adjacent to Braunston Marina
The storm, blown out, provided a fittingly calm end to the day… now where’s that BBQ?

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