Really, when will this rainy weather break? My initial plan to take advantage of the long light summer evenings to get on with painting our Eileen’s exterior currently looks likely to be postponed for a second month. I’m running out of time before the evenings pull back in again!

To make use of these dull and rainy days I’m getting on with a bit of research. Sourcing paint for the boat from Dacrylate Ltd. and hunting down further leads about our Eileen’s history. Some fascinating historical information is coming to light. I’ve completed the first draft of an article for the Historic Narrow Boat Club, and it’s been posted to the editor for scrutiny. Once they’ve agreed it I’ll post a copy on the blog.

A mystery paint covers the new ‘long cabin’. It’s excellent stuff creating a flexible, rust-inhibiting matt top coat, ideal for the ‘hold’ area. The name label of the product has come off so I’ve no idea what it is. I’ve sent a sample to Dacrylate to see if they can tell me…
Another shot from nb. Onward’s archives. Dated July 2006, it’s again evidence of how regularly we get these rainy summers…
A break in the storm, nb. Onward approaching Little Bourton Lock on the South Oxford Canal, Summer 2006…

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