I mentioned in a post last week that we intended to get up to the boat this weekend, and that’s just what happened! Claire and I were able to get away from London, leaving the children in the capable hands of god parents, on Saturday afternoon. Once free of the usual build-up of traffic on the Westway out of London, the journey up the M40 was clear and we were firing up the boat by 6.00pm.

I know for live-aboarders or those who’re able to use their boats more intensively, the thought of less than 24 hours afloat might mean very little, but to me and C. it’s a precious 24 hours without the responsibility and demands of the kids, and we try to live those hours as fully as possible.

This evening we moored in a favourite spot above Varney’s Lock. And, amazingly it didn’t rain! It was warm. It was great to be outside. We enjoyed a delicious BBQ’d supper, and a little celebratory fizzPERFECT!

Calm after the storm, rain droplets on the dog roses in the hedgerow next to our mooring above Varney’s Lock…
Let the BBQ begin…
Gorgeous wife, lovely old boat, perfect mooring and weather, and the BBQ warming up, is there a better way to spend Saturday evening?
Food is so much tastier outside, and that burger was a stunner!
Peace. Calm. Warm. Right. Happy.

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