When the wet-stuff does finally stop for an hour or two, I’ve got to admit the countryside around Clattercote Wharf, Oxfordshire is currently looking at it’s very best.  There’s none of that overblown dying-back that warmer summers bring. This year the towpath is at its most vivid and most English, a truly green-and-pleasant-land.

Hinting at a bumper crop of blackberries to follow in six week or so, if we get a bit of sunshine to ripen them off!
Honestly there is a canal there somewhere! Claire sits on the long cabin surrounded by greenery….
One of Gregg’s scarecrows standing sentinel over a burgeoning crop of pumpkins…
Claire taming the boat and bringing it to a stand above Elkington’s Lock
Dropping through Elkington’s Lock, even the chamber sides are a covered in lush, green vegetation this Summer…
It’s so good to be outside…
A Summer evening settles down… no more storms today…
The graceful arch of the accommodation bridge on the approach to Varney’s Lock
The evening mooring…
More of those soon-to-be blackberries…
As darkness falls the back cabin becomes a temptingly snug retreat….

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