It’s been a while since I posted about a corrugated tin building; so today, as the rain clouds again threaten to drench London, I thought I’d remedy that by sharing the following images.

I still can’t quite define why I find these building quite so seductive, beyond saying that it’s definitely something to do with the individuality of each building.

They each have what might be described as a dogged character formed by their construction and function. Though none have them have been passed by health & safety nor architect/designers, they each still fulfil (or in some cases once fulfielled) a particular role admirably well…

They’re a celebration of function and form in ad-hoc harmony!

Surrounded by the ephemera of the allotment, the bean poles, barrow and planks… here timber and corrugated section has been used to fabricate this simple store.
Allotment shed on a ‘privy’ scale, no room for a bench or stove in these, but space enough for hand tools, spades, hoes; and guttering to support a rain barrel…
Sometimes the images set up a narrative all of their own, what’s the story behind the plastic chair incongruously placed in the cold frame???
An allotment left to fall into disrepair; the building echoing the dereliction of the allotment plots surrounding it.
Patchwork tin, layer after layer of repairs to maintain a watertight shed.
Looks like this allotment plot might need to be a bit of a project for someone? Perhaps starting with a machete!
And once the hard labour’s over, what better place to sit down and look over your labours than on this cast iron bench?

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