This afternoon, with the weather perking up nicely (my site manager at school had stated categorically yesterday that once the Olympic Torch arrived in London, Summer would begin – perhaps he was right?!?) the boys and I took the opportunity to return to Kings Cross and explore a little more deeply.

I’ve got to say, the Regent’s Canal felt in rude health!

The short walk from Goodsway Coal Drops to the St. Pancras Lock and SPCC, and on to Camley Street was bustling with life. If C&RT ever wanted simple affirmation that the urban waterways are alive and kicking then the Regents Canal provided it this afternoon!

We had a great time, and even got a little mild sun-scorching – hello Summer! 🙂

Although a ‘blind’ shell currently, the wharf building that straddle the entrance to the former coal drops at Goodsway are protected and will be fully renovated as part of the total regeneration of the area.
The boys practice ‘balancing’ on the broad ‘steps’ that lead down from Granary Square to the canal…
We’re off on an adventure, with Fin keeping a close hold of ‘Snuggy’. He’s rarely without his racoon! Joe’s in search of sticks…
I’m always surprised at the scale of the boats that find themselves onto the broad waterways, this huge steel beast is (somewhat ironically) moored adjacent to Camley Street Nature Reserve.
More than a hint of the ‘African Queen’???
We last saw ‘Lady A’ last Saturday night at Little Venice, today she’s taking a party towards Islington…
A shot that perhaps captures something of the magic of an urban waterway, high speed trains and the low speed lock at St. Pancras…
The flags are flying above St. Pancras Lock…
And a pre-Olympic Party is in full swing below the iconic water tower. The gold medal strung above the steps reads ‘2012’.
Seeing the yacht basin again brought back a flood of memories, I moored my first boat ‘Lily Jane’ here in the late 80s.
The ‘vision’ for the yacht basin (far left), overshadowed by new-build development. A little more positive is the fact that the visualisation also shows one of the old gasometer frames in situ (on the far right of the image), abeit as a feature of the new site.
Harmony. 200 years of transport history – with the ‘yacht basin’ and narrowboats cheek-by-jowl with the Eurostar expresses……
The wonderful nb. Tarporley passed as we walked under the train lines from St. Pancras. Happy punters sitting in the bow waved, and the boys – delighted by the attention – waved back.

ps. we’re off to Gloucestershire for a few days, in search of ‘the Summer’, I’m not sure that posts will be possible… so speak again soon, best wishes, Nick…


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