We followed ‘Pirate Prince’ back to the Pirate Castle. In the process of winding into her mooring something odd appeared from the shadows of the railway bridges behind her….

The ‘Prince’ turns…
A blue apparition
Seemingly widebeam, but powered by what???
Even up-close, I was none the wiser…
Ah, a Bantam tug sandwich! (Apologies for the blurry image, 2x 3yrs olds and 1x canal can lead to severe camera shake!)
Bantam ‘Wigan’ push-pulling a tarpaulin-shrouded load…
Glimpses of a series of props and hoardings beneath the blue tarp., and a generator, covered by that attractive newly painted aluminium tender. But what was the canary-like cheeping clearly heard from beneath the tender too???
Passing the Pirate Castle – destination and purpose unknown… I love the Regents Canal!

ps. we’re off to our Eileen for a couple of days, so:

a). It’ll rain – you have been warned!

b). The temperature will drop.

c). There’ll be no blogs for 48 hours…

Happy Boating!


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