I promise boat-related blogging begins again tomorrow! However, I couldn’t resist just one more Olympics-related post; on Friday afternoon prior to the Opening Ceremony we held our own Mini-Olympics, for children on the Green that sits at the heart of our triangle of Victorian flats… Here are just a few shots of a lovely afternoon, where all the children turned out winners and there we few tears…

‘SnappySnaps’ very kindly printed up these badges (created by a graphic artist who lives in our Co-op). Each of the children taking part received a badge, a commemorate wrist band and medal. The kids were universally chuffed regardless of age!
Molly & friend wrestle at the start of the decidedly un-Olympic sport of obstacle racing…
The under 7s sprint up a running track cut in the lush grass of ‘the Green’, that’s Joe second from the left and Fin (in blue) third from the left…
A dramatic moment in Fin’s obstacle race…
Mmm, now this one takes a bit of explaining – this is Joe, in a Darth Vader mask – and yes, he’s in a race… The rules of which went something like this – at the end of each leg the children had to pull on more and more fancy dress clothes… and then continue the race. Joe had seen this mask earlier in the afternoon and had taken a fancy to it, so he simply raced up the track ahead of everyone on the first leg, grabbed it and immediately forgetting he was still racing, pulled it on and ambled happily back down the running track at a snails pace proudly wearing the mask!

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