Our home mooring at Clattercote Wharf on the South Oxford is proving to be – to this city-based family –  so much more than a simple off-line farm mooring. It’s an adventure waiting to happen. And, there’s not been a visit yet that’s failed to thrill and engage the kids, and provide precious moments of simple pleasures for us all.

As, hopefully, these photos show…

Fin stands patiently at the cabin doors staring out into a sudden sharp Summer shower. “When will the rain stop so that I can feed the ducks???”
“At last, now we can feed the ducks, 1… 2… 3… throw!”
“And fish with our new nets…”
Mol proved a whizz at catching fish as this shot proves. She’d quietly stalk, and swiftly strike, netting a couple of ‘little ‘uns’ at a time…
One old back cabin, one shabby umbrella and one three year old’s imagination. “Daddy, daddy it’s a house, it’s a rocket, I’m hiding, can I sleep in here?”
Our mooring provides delicious free-range eggs… that’s Mol exploring…
And an opportunity to show off our latest finds – in this case Joe was delightedly ‘sharing’ a small white slug on a leaf!
And his collection of pine cones…
The kids learning what courgettes and pumpkins look like on an afternoon meander around the farm…
Oh yes, and we also went boating… more tomorrow.

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