“A smaller place with which we resonate is more important than a place of great pilgrimage.”

This quote from Vaclav Cilek is one of my favourites and, in many ways, I feel it captures what we’re aiming to do during our time moored at Clattercote Wharf.

With the kids being so young, and the boat not yet fully renovated, added to the constant demands of simply surviving 21st C. family life; it’s unlikely that we’ll be undertaking long treks on the boat in the near future. So we take pleasure in simply exploring a very small area of waterway, probably little more that 4-5 miles in totality – but boy-oh-boy what times we’re having. The boat, and the canal environment, are quite simply magical places!

Winding at Clattercote Wharf. The kids are learning the necessity to stay seated or hold on tight, when dad’s doing the tricky stuff – like turning the boat in a stiff and unhelpful cross-wind (ps. that’s why Claire’s on the bank, having leapt from the boat to protect the Canadian canoe – bottom right of the picture – outside the teepee, from being crushed!)
And this is about as busy as it gets. With the Cropredy Festival just around the corner, and the holiday hirers also boosting numbers, there’s been a constant too-ing & fro-ing of craft all day. I love the animation it brings, momentarily, to the Cut.
The Team at work. Everyone, contentedly and safely helping out…
Our Eileen eases out of Elkington’s Lock under the watchful gaze of Keeper Joe!
An odd image. My hand on the tiller. Beneath the ‘elum’ the boys ‘test out’ the whistles attached to their life jackets.
Below Varney’s Lock, at our evening mooring, Joe and Mol go hunting tiddlers. Summer innocence and a blissfully contained and calm moment. If only I could bottle it!

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