Here’s a few images from this Monday morning below Varney’s Lock on the South Oxford. The kids had a good night’s sleep (even if I didn’t), and that’s something which is by no means guaranteed with our kids when afloat a-boat. The morning was a delight, fishing for tiddlers, delicious scrambled egg & croissants, and the Kelly Kettle got it’s first outing aboard Eileen boiling up water to wash up the breakfast pots – a far more fun way of doing it than igniting the ‘Paloma’.

The Kelly Kettle has been the reason behind Joe’s fascination with collecting twigs, that’s a plastic bag of his twigs in the background, and he couldn’t wait for the paper to ignite and the fire begin to draw…
Thin whisps of blue smoke hint at the kindling twigs beginning to ignite. The boys look on from a safe distance sitting on the gunnels…
A huge amount of heat is quickly generated and within minutes the first cylinder of boiling water is ready, that plus a second is enough to fill the washing-up bowl.
With the kettle removed, the fire’s revealed…
All round the Kelly Kettle is a grand piece of kit. The kids love tending it, poking twigs into the burner. It’s a good way for them to learn responsibility and care around fire.

Update on Egg-bound: 5000 copies of copies of photographs cleared out today, only another 20,000 to go before the laptop can breathe a sigh of relief and function properly. It’s a hugely tedious job, but on a positive note I am finding a load of photos I thought I’d lost…


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