It was ‘The Plan’ in June and then July, but both times painting our Eileen was washed out by the weather, now it looks like I’m a step closer to actually getting a coat of paint on her before the end of my Summer holiday.

Just about everything I need to get the job under way has now arrived. Today the Topcoat Gloss from Rapid Paint arrived by courier. After trialling three greys whilst painting the tiller and elum we decided on RAL 7011 ‘Iron Grey’. Bright Red for the details, Off-White lettering, and red oxide cabin top and gunnels really should give us the industrial boat look we’re striving for.

Here are a couple of similarly industrial-looking narrowboats that helped us make the decision…

The venerable 1830’s BCN steam tug ‘Laplander’.
‘Laplander’ with ‘Adamant’ at this year’s Braunston Gathering.
Phobox’s butty ‘Betelgeuse’ also at Braunston
The wonderful BCN 108 ‘Joe’.
Also spotted at Braunston, the much-converted 1899 iron BCN day boat, ‘Leviathan’.

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