I’d waited months to secure a couple of days, where I was both free to go to the boat and when it’d be possible to paint outdoors. As I stood on the stern deck this morning, mug of coffee in hand, and with the pouring rain sizzling on the surface of the canal, it seemed I’d been let down at the last minute by the weather.

Happily Gregg came to my rescue and offered to move his motor Arbor so that I could use the covered dock inside his transfer shed for a couple of days. What a star!

Within an hour Arbor was moved and Eileen was secured in place.

It’d be another hour before the morning rain had dried sufficiently for me to begin work, but begin I could…

There’s Eileen, tucked safely out of the rain in the under the Transfer Shed awning.
Eileen moored next to Arbor‘s butty…
The view from the back cabin, looking towards Clattercote Wharf winding hole. Stood there, all felt well with the world. A calm determination descended. The first task to clean off the paintwork, and then start sanding down to see what would need to be done…
After an hour, the rain outside had stopped and the roof of the back cabin was almost dry. The tools set up, almost time to crack on…
By late morning huge progress had been achieved, the tools were doing their job, the flaky paint was being stripped back, at last tangible practical progress was made…

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