During the course of the Day 1. afternoon the stripping back of the old, loose paintwork was replaced by applying the New Coat.

I find the painting stage often feels like a reward after the dusty back-breaking physicality of the sanding stage, as immediately the paint animates the boat with optimism and hints at what it’ll ultimately look like…

50/50 the matt ‘stripped back’ and the glossy ‘re-painted’ cabin roof.
The first coat’s laid down pretty well on the cabin roof; with just two days at my disposal, what I’m realistically seeking to achieve is a secure ‘weather-coat’ to protect Eileen through her 110th Winter!
With the cabin top and one gunnel completed, the end of Day 1. saw me move to the fore-end, to begin the whole process once again… it’s been a long, long, yet ultimately rewarding day.
Day 2. and the grey undercoat is started. In painting I’m finally  fully resolving what the final paint scheme will be, often it’s only when I see things in reality that what I’d decided in my head is confirmed or altered…
The fore-end, pretty much undercoated…
Mid-afternoon on Day 2. and I moved the boat back to it’s regular mooring so that I could tackle the back deck, ps. the duller red oxide patch in the bottom left hand corner is the section I had to leave in order to get onto the boat to secure it when I left…
The stern coming together well, the (yellow) wooden cover to the weed hatch will be one of the home painting projects for the upcoming Autumn-Winter.

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