This (possibly exMOD) Romney fabricated building can be found on the short Kaye’s Arm on the Grand Union Canal between locks 11 & 12 of the Stockton Flight. These days it covers the former open dry dock and, and was previously run by the Warwickshire Fly Boat CompanyThese days it’s used by Graeme Pearce and is the base for his Stockton Dry Dock Company (see below).

My boat’s have all had associations with the dock over the years. This photo shows Onward (who’d been stretched at the dock) having her fore-end remodelled and the rudder extended… The work, completed in 2006 was the last work on Onward before she was sold. Eileen was also worked on here, in the 1990’s, her current cabin was added and the distortion caused by a fire in the late 1980’s was straightened out.
A further post will explore this pile of steely detritus!
The area around the dry dock has a glorious collection of buildings including this former goods van hidden in the undergrowth…
Looking down the left hand side of the covered dock, the side that’s adjacent to the Kaye’s Arm. The arm once accessed one of the many local cement works and is now used for moorings.
A path goes down the right hand side of the covered dock and leads to the moorings…
The back of the dock…
A final shot of Onward in the dock having her ‘nose-job’ done… The photo hint at the interior. It’s a superb working space.

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