Whilst pottering about the dry dock at Stockton I came across the fore-end and stern of a former BCN day boat.

It’s a remarkably similar fore-end to Eileen, the same heavily reinforced bow with double rubbing strakes and extensive riveting.
The stern section at Stockton shows the same ‘fine’ stern as Eileen with the boat tapering sharply. However the section also shows a double rubbing strake…
This can perhaps be explained by this close-up of Eileen’s stern showing that the hull was cut some 10 inches below the top rubbing strake to create the swim to the prop –  was the second and lower rubbing strake lost in the process?
Another shot of Eileen showing the ‘fine’ stern and single rubbing strake.
Detail of the stern of the Stockton boat.
A final shot of our Eileen in the setting sun. (ps. I’m not sure if the two sections outside the dock are those currently being advertised by Warwickshire Fly Boat Co. as ‘day boat requiring work’ with a price tag of, if memory serves, £2000.00. One huge project for someone if it is!)

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