Shackerstone’s one of those shows where there’s so much to see and do, at some point in the day everyone finds something to either fascinate them, delight them or experience something memorable – as these images hopefully show…

Driving the traction engine requires a serious amount of attention…
Joe loved the helter-skelter…
And everyone enjoyed petting this placid horse…
Big Train – Little Train…
We’d love to own a Bedlington terrier one day… and this was a smashing dog that everyone fell in love with… great with the kids… who want one now! Anybody know of any puppies???
Not absolutely everything costs money, the potholed road to the station and the deep puddles provided endless temptation and interest… how did they keep their feet dry???
No childhood is complete without a donkey ride…

For me Shackerstone remains a winning formula. It really is a quality family festival which doesn’t lose sight of the fact that there’s the village, the canal and the railway at the heart of it.


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