I occasionally have a browse around the internet in search of information on other BCN day boat renovations or restorations. My latest web-search came up with HEART OF GOLD built in 1897 in Birmingham, by an unknown builder.

She was originally built around 1897 as an iron open day boat, but at some time converted to a live aboard vessel.  After tragically burning out in 2009, her present owner converted her back to an open working boat.

The forward 35′ is riveted iron and the rear is steel, apart from the engine hull sides, which are also original riveted construction.  Unlike most ex BCN day boats, she retains a fully riveted bottom to the front section.

HEART OF GOLD can be found, according to the National Historic Ships UK website, on the K&A where she’s being used as a fuel boat. The accompanying illustrations were copied from that website.

Almost returned to a BCN day-boat, a large open hold carrying fuel supplies on the K&A…
Now with an open hold, only the front of the previous cabin remains as a makeshift cratch…
I’m again guessing that she’s sheeted-up to keep the weather out prior to the cabin being removed?
I don’t know any additional details of ‘Heart of Gold’ other than those sketched out on the Register of Historic Vessels; I’m therefore guessing that this is her, on dock, following the fire?
Off-dock with hull damage rectified and repainted…

4 thoughts on “Heart of Gold

  1. Hi Nick,
    I hope this may be of interest, on Armadillo’s blog I’ve put some pictures of Gosty Hill, lately a coal and diesel boat on the North Oxford, Coventry and Ashby but originally a day boat for Stewart & Lloyds at Hawne Basin. Possibly an addition to your collection. If you want to copy the pictures you’re more than welcome.


  2. Dear Graham & Jill

    It’s an excellent suggestion to include Gosty Hill in my selection of BCN day boat conversions. If you’re at Claydon you’re in our neck of the woods too. We’re moored just above Elkington’s Lock at Clattercote Wharf…

    Really enjoying your South Oxford post,

    very best wishes



    1. Hi Matt,

      Sure, it’d be great to keep the post up-to-date. I’d love to see what she looks like now.

      best wishes



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