I mentioned in Saturday’s post that we’d gone up to Oxfordshire for the day to see a man about a mooring. We’ve decided to over-Winter closer to Banbury.

One of the main reasons for the move is to bring the boat closer to a number of mechanically-minded mates who’ll be able to advise me on such matters as replacing the engine controls on Eileen. The current set-up is notoriously fiddly and needs sorting out, particularly if Claire is to feel confident handling the boat in ‘Season II’ next Spring.

We’ve also been on the look-out for a fairly-priced mooring, ideally with a little land attached. Although we’ve had to compromise in terms of location, (after all our current location is beautiful) the mooring we’ve been to see, and agreed to rent, does have a little land attached. It costs half the current mooring fee; and is close to a bridge giving access to the towpath side, to woods and walks. There’s also a couple of friendly donkeys in the next paddock and a gaggle of noisy/nosey geese. To be honest, on a tight boating budget, it’s a bargain I couldn’t afford to miss.
The plan is to move within a couple of weeks, perhaps to coincide with the Banbury Canal Day 2012. We’ll make a weekend of it, a bit of an end-of-season family chug together

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