Warehouses old and new are here and there and always, above the whole mess, are the skyscrapers of commerce – or, these days, of fear. A riveted iron Victorian bridge curves over a road, both disused. […] Flyovers, in the deathly hue of concrete, echo with the endless hollow boom of their traffic. Building sites stand next to empty pitches of gravel, some surrounded by crabby grass, some fenced with chain-link steel wearing crowns of barbed wire or its nastier brother, razor wire. […] Car parks, gas storers, the sort of big electric pylons that carry power lines by motorways but should never be seen in cities; graffiti, building cranes, bus depot. In this ugly pandemonium, you never know what you will see next. The Docklands are repulsive, slightly sinister – hellish and Ballardian in turns – and exciting. They are London’s hallway. [my bold highlighting] They are where you dump the necessities – coats and umbrellas – before you proceed to the inner calm of the sitting room.
pg.191-92 Circle Line – Around London in a Small Boat by Steffan Meyric Hughes

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was minded to do a series of photo-posts over the Winter based on walks along some of London’s waterways. Last weekend, on an afternoon’s trip with the family to the Museum of London Docklands, around the West India Dock and quays I got an opportunity to photograph the first.

Canary Wharf Station, for more information about the Docklands Light Railway please click HERE

Rum Store, West India Dock c. 1930
A bit more about the cranes HERE
North Quay, West India Dock c. 1900
For more about the Dutch barge ‘Leven is Strijd’ please click HERE
‘Lighters & Barges’, Pool of London c. 1933 by Cyril Arapoff

‘Lighters’ tied at Limehouse c. 1884
For more information about the Thames Tug  ‘Knocker White’ please click HERE

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