This weekend, on the Oxford Canal, was perfectly Autumnal, from the warming sunshine to a starlit evening and mist shrouded morning, simply wonderful, and in such contrast to the bone-achy murk of London last week!

As I mentioned in posts last week, this was the weekend we planned to move the boat to its new home mooring. We didn’t rush to leave London, to be honest it takes quite a while to get our caravan of duvets, pillows, toys, bags and kids packed into the car! However, by late-morning we’d achieved packing both the stuff and the family into the car and could be found heading up the M40, eating our lunchtime sandwiches.

It was a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to Gregg and Forge Farm, we’ve had a grand 2012 season there.

There’ll be more about our trip to the new mooring tomorrow, for today thought, this post is all about our ‘leaving home’…

Gregg’s parting gift of baby pumpkins all lined up on the back cabin roof, as Eileen moves out from the mooring towards the winding hole at the wharf.
Into the winding hole, the farm a hive of harvest-time activity. Look at that bright, sunny optimistic sky, hard to believe it’s October already…
The sign reminded us that we’re off. We’ll no longer be moorers here, so the winding hole will once more be off-limits to us…
With Eileen winded, we south towards Elkington’s Lock
It’s amazing how attached you get to a strip of land by the side of the Cut (no pun intended!)…
A scarecrow waves goodbye from a field of corn…
We’ll all miss the mooring. The kids loved coming up to the farm, watching the pumpkins and corn grow, and generally pottering around…

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