Getting Ahead…
Most people would probably agree that the natural world is an awesome, beautiful one. Whether its beauty is down to a subjective connection to perception, or it’s simply a priori objectively gorgeous is immaterial. The real dilemma is the human condition that often prevents us taking pleasure in it. Just as there is no quality in a life filled with hatred, bigotry or meanness of spirit, neither is the quality the exclusive preserve of the past, it is timeless like the gods. As William Morris observed, the human spirit soars if it is free of its own shackles. One farmer/office worker/tug captain/artisan is consumed by resentment and is absent from the job in hand. Another paces his heart to the work, is attentive, and has life breathed into him. It’s no wonder that the two – quality and time – merge into the modern holy grail of ‘quality time’ in our own age and are sought as the all-purpose panacea against the distemper of hurrysickness.
pg. 295-296 Gogarty, P. 2002 The Water Road Portico Books ISBN 9781861056559

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