The countryside is vast. Out there I don’t worry myself over pens that work, or replying to e-mails, or recording the latest TV programme. Our world is there to be found, to be explored, to be enjoyed. Beyond the streets and the houses, the offices, schools and bars that we know so well, are places we’ve never been to, out on the edges of our towns and cities. Wide-open spaces and tiny bolt-holes, landscapes as alien as planets, dark, tangled hiding places and horizons as broad as we’ll ever see. And in those spaces – the places outside the confines of what we’re told to do, and what we’re shown as normal, and what to look at and what to eat and how to dress […] are ‘a staggering array of changes in perception, spatial cognition, and social and emotional development’ […] there’s a lifetime’s worth of exploration out there.
pg.135 Whalley, B. 2012 Run Wild Simon & Schuster ISBN 978 1 47111 061 0

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