The first day of November took a delight in proving the forecasters wrong. All week they’d promised that it’d be a bit brighter… Nobody had told the forecast to the leaden grey skies over Banbury. The rain and wind lingered through the morning and then the temperature dropped – and dropped. It was perishing cold at the Mooring! Winter really does seem to be settling fast, with the Autumnal golden glow pretty much wiped from the trees over the last few days..

What with the low light, and a steady drizzle, somehow the subdued palette of faded photos (thanks to i-photos trickery) seems to capture the day. All we could think of was how wonderful it’d be to light the stoves, get the boat toasting warm and a meal under way. However, sadly this was only a fleeting visit, with visitors on the way to London for the weekend, preventing us staying over night. The stove-lighting will have to wait for another day…
Eileen’s companion at the mooring is a small and seemingly neglected, yet rather neat little boat – we’d have her!
Despite it being lousy weather at least one brave soul was out and about, steaming past with a roaring fire on the go, and a cheery wave…
Looking upstream, all was still, apart from the usual flotilla of geese nosing around for scraps…
Did the chill in the air, or the drenching drizzle, put us off? Not in the least! There were tears from the boys when we had to go, as they wanted to stay the night… Mol wasn’t quite so sure though, she’d stayed in the car playing music on her i-pod, ah the joys of a ten year old teenager!

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