The following quote was taken from Boff Whalley’s Run Wild. I’ve taken huge liberties with it, as in the original, it refers to Boff’s passion for off-road running. However, I think the metaphor he uses could apply equally well to my own passion – boats – see what you think…

“When we were young we dreamt of adventure. Then as we got older we were taught that dreams of adventure are for the young, and we got scared by poverty, joblessness and the responsibility of relationships and children.” pg. 254

“Most good adventure stories, with their narrative arc of highs and lows, setbacks and survival, seem to end with the ghost of Edith Piaf singing as the red velvet curtains close in one grand, final swish. Non, je ne regrette rien. But it isn’t true in my case. I have one regret: I didn’t find running boating until I was almost thirty years old. […] Since then running boating has sewn itself like a thread through my life, a badly stitched, wonky, wiggly thread that is in places unpicked and worn and in places deceptively neat. Running Boating has been a constant, albeit an unpredictable and continually surprising [and often alarmingly expensive!]one.”  pg. 255



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