It’s always wonderful to hear from a previous owner of our Eileen. I recently received an e-mail from Judy Baker (formerly Vedmore) who’s family owned the boat in the early 1970s. She attached the following photographs and notes…

This photo shows the stables at the first river lock at Chester, 1972-73. ‘Eileen’ is on the inside and horse drawn butty ‘Betelgeuse’ is one the outside … in foreground, by the steps, is the old tin-smiths cart used by ‘Canalware Supplies’. We also had tin-smithing equipment on the boat … We had a very good old range in the cabin – the Rose I think – it had a small water boiler with a tap on the side … There was also a small BWB mahogany ‘conference; table on the boat. These we left on the boat when we sold her in 1978(?) to a couple from New Zealand who wanted to travel the waterways for a year or so with their very young baby.
On motor ‘Axe’ at Braunston in early 1970s
Rita, with ‘Eileen’ in the background, 1972-3, whilst tied up at the old ‘reservoy’ at Braunston

Thanks Judy…


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