After a long day at work, last night I finally got back to painting the 3 gallon water can that’s spent the summer months gathering dust on the top of the fridge-freezer in our kitchen.

It sat resplendent on a small potter’s wheel on the kitchen table. But where to begin? I tried to think back to the design that’d evolved in my head in late Spring and came up blank.

I finally decided that perhaps it’d be easier if I went back to my sketch book and re-designed it from scratch – after all the design will inevitably evolve as soon as the first paint is sploshed on anyway.

In the end, last night I was satisfied to simply lever open the Bright Red tin of paint. I breathed in the familiar fumes, dipped my brush and applied a second coat of to the can’s handle and spout. There was no need to get the camera out as I was only painting red on red.

It was enjoyable though, in the warm fug of the kitchen, just sitting there. Quiet. Painting.

“You can train yourself to log and sense the details. Over the years you come to recognise aspects and details, down to the smallest particulars and incorporate them into a larger sense of the whole. […] As well as hovering up information it’s a way of actually shifting a state of consciousness and you get into things you didn’t know about, or you begin to find out about, and that’s the interesting part…”

Iain Sinclair

The illustrations show Fred Winnet’s highly stylised flower designs. It’s the kind of style I’m working to recreate on ‘Eileen’s water can.

Hopefully I’ll crack on with it tonight?


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