“Sometimes things can hide from us in plain view.”

So begins poet Jos Smith’s thoughtful essay on the once ubiquitous ash, you can read her essay in full at the Little Toller Publishers site.

Hiding in plain view got me thinking. There’s ever more gloomy news of the advance of ash die-back disease. Yet, hardly noticed outside our sitting room windows, (located 5 tall floors up in a Victorian mansion block) is the high canopy of a truly huge 120 year old ash tree. It’s become so familiar a presence, tap-tapping on the window, that it’s become hidden from us all… I rarely look out into its lofty branches, though when I do I’m so often amazed at the diversity and drama of the life found in the canopy.

Today I noticed the tree.

Reading Jos Smith’s essay has prompted me to think again about ‘our’ ash. Is it under threat? Has it already succumbed? I’m hoping it’s not. Before the leaves dropped, I’d not noticed any sign of the disease… but for how long will that last?

I’m hoping to include an occasional photo-diary of this magnificent tree. It’s time to celebrate a tree! These pictures were taken today. I’ll let them speak for themselves…


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