Thinking essential.

My thinking was prompted by an ongoing daydream that goes something like: ‘If I won the lottery I’d…’ To be honest I’m pretty well advanced in my lottery win planning for our Eileen, from re-bottoming her to a hot-rivet stretch, from a new engine to fitting out the ‘long cabin’…. and what informs my daydreaming is a working vocabulary that includes:

  • simplicity
  • form-following-function
  • respect-for-materials
  • parring back
  • pure
  • basic
  • and a couple of conjoined or made-up words:
    • essentiality (a combination of essential & essence)
    • essensual (a combination of essential and sensual)

Perhaps the gallery below is more able to articulate my thinking than my writing? The images try to capture an aesthetic that I hope will inform our renovation of Eileen over the next couple of years. There will be a focus on the essential and on function; on a deep respect for tradition and Eileen’s former history; and perhaps there’ll be a nod towards minimalism and simplicity.

As Autumn slips towards Winter I’m determined to ‘keep the boat close’, to work on her, and use her, despite the inclement weather ahead. After all, she’s there to be enjoyed, not simply to be a ‘hole in the water we throw money in to’!


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