To reach the boat from the mooring we crossed the concrete access bridge at Hardwick Wharf and walked down the towpath towards town, passing the overflow weir adjacent to the water works. The crushed vegetation graphically illustrates just how high the flood water reached…

It was a chilly afternoon, but rugged-up we all enjoyed being out in the fresh air, clearing away our London ‘cobwebs’.
Our Eileen safe and sound on the bollards opposite Tooley’s Yard. Despite reassurances from people who’d kept an eye on her during the week (thank you everyone) it was a relief to climb aboard and take possession once more.
First job, and one I love, was to get the stove lit… The stove’s warmth, the smell of the curling woodsmoke and the noise of the family combined to animate Eileen and wake her from her hibernation… Time we were off!


Claire winds the hydraulics and the lift bridge rises, no hassle or stress this time, suddenly boating was enjoyable again. Grins all round!
All’s well with the world, even the monolith of Castle Quay shopping centre looked mellowed and weathered today, an ‘almost’ appropriate canalside development…
One other boater was on the move today, he helped set the lock and waved us into the chamber. Claire regales him with tales of our mini-drama a week ago…
No dramas today, in fact we’re swiftly through Town Lock and soon heading off toward Tramway winding hole on the edge of town…

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