With the Solstice behind us there’s been little evidence so far of the days improving! Today, for example, the evening gloom began to gather in London, between rainclouds, from late morning! The semi-darkness means Xmas cheer is in short supply, as sodden, grim-faced folk strip the shelves of Sainsburys and seemingly seek to buy their way into the Xmas spirit.

I’ve got to admit to being a bit of a humbug, it’s only in recent years, since marrying and having the kids that I’ve returned to Xmas. Before they came along, I was an escapee.

‘Satsuma on a mountain’ was my mantra and antidote to Xmas, escaping year after year to Snowdonia, or perhaps to one of my old boats – Arun or Onward – to have a simple, even frugal couple of days and a few good walks.

That’s all gone now, and life’s busier, Christmass-ier and altogether more frantic than the old minimalist days – I think it’s a good exchange… the kids are at bursting point with excitement, the pantry’s full, the presents are bought (if not all wrapped – eek!) and the tree has brought a sweet scent of forest to our sitting room – magic!

So, wherever you are and whatever you do I hope you have a good one.



A Not-Quite-So Xmassy Image

After a little late-night, last-minute shopping last night I snuck into ‘The Flask’ in Hampstead for a couple of beers. As is my want, I spent the time editing photos on my laptop. I know, I know I’m such an antisocial git!

I found myself editing July 2012 photos, and this faintly Monet-esque photo was taken on the Regents Canal at Camley Street just after the Olympic baton had been handed on and ticker tape had filled the air, landing colourfully across the canal.

The light and colours hint at Summer heat and, for me, provide a bit of a tonic to the mid-Winter gloom – Happy Christmas!

(ps. see you in a couple of days…)


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